Ways of reducing Waste at Home

How much waste do you have at home? How much waste do you and your family generate every day? Do you even care about managing your waste? Do you even care about disposing your waste properly? Those are just a few questions that we must ask to every resident to find out if they are aware about waste management and proper waste disposal.
If you are going to observe the neighborhood, you can find the surrounding clean because we are not allowed to let our place full of waste. But, there are some villages, where you can find trash cans bulky and really full. This shows that the area is thickly populated and they do not mind about how much waste they generate. These residents must learn about waste management.

Proper Waste disposal
How to reduce waste
Reducing waste can be learned. We just need to be aware about how we can reduce our waste at home. We have here some ways on how you can minimize generating waste.
Recycle and Reuse
The best way to reduce waste is through recycling. You have to separate your waste, so that it will be easier for you to determine which one can be recycled. You may segregate your waste by keeping them in different containers. There must be a container for plastic, aluminum, glass, metal, paper and hazardous wastes.
There are plastic and glass containers, which you may reuse as a food storage. If you cannot reuse your wastes, then you may sell them to the junk shops. These wastes will be sold to factories, who will process these as a material for their production.
Change your style and habit
If you are used to buying bottled water every day, then you have to change or minimize that. The more you use bottled water, then the more you generate waste. Instead of buying cold water, why not use a jug or cooler container. When you empty this, you may simply refill it with water or juice.
It would be best to have a compost pit at home, where you can dump food scrap from the kitchen. These wastes usually produce bad odor when not disposed properly. These are even the ones that you smell when the garbage collectors are passing by. To minimize such smell and to reduce your waste, then make your own compost pit. This will even be a good way to process a fertilizer, which you may use for your garden.