About Me

Paul’s Waste Management Blog or Paul’s WMB is a blog site that aims to contribute awareness towards waste management. If you are going to observe our environment and the people or animals around us, you can see the changes. Try to observe every village’s disposal problem. Can you see how much waste is dumped every day? Why not consider this as an issue?

As a responsible citizen, we must do something to protect our community. We can all start at home by reducing the amount of waste that we generate every day. This is the best that we can do to save our environment, to protect the people and animals we care about.

Consider me as one of those who has concern about waste management issues that we are facing in the community. That is why this blog is created to give you smart tips, ideas and information regarding how you are going to recycle or reuse your junks and how you are going to properly dispose them.

I would be very happy to know and hear people’s concern regarding the waste management. If we are not going to start now, then when? Please, allow me to share everything I know as a means of helping everybody.